Webmail Setup & Transfer

Webmail Setup & Transfer Service

Fixed Fee: ₪350

Many clients are still using Outlook Express, Microsoft Office Outlook, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, or Mozilla Thunderbird to manage their e-mails. These products were most appropriate when we were still on dial-up networking modems which monopolized the telephone line. They allowed us to send and receive emails in a quick burst, thus freeing up the line for normal telephone use.

However with universal broadband, these programs are no longer "fit for purpose": their main constraint is that all your e-mails and address book exist only on your single computer's hard disk. So if your computer is out of action or otherwise unavailable, you have no complete access to your e-mails.

We can set up a webmail-based system for you (normally based upon the free Gmail service from Google), which will allow you to continue to use your existing e-mail address (or up to five different addresses, if you have more than one), and also transfer your existing address book and calendar.

As a consequence, your will no longer be dependent upon a single, unique computer: you'll be able to use any computer, anywhere in the world, at any time, to access all your e-mails: received, sent, replies, and so on. Likewise your address book will always available.

Nowadays this approach is even more relevant, since so many of us use multiple platforms to access the web in general, and e-mails in particular: besides a desktop or laptop computer, one can use a tablet device or a Smartphone. Our process will ensure you have platform-independent e-mail, thus making the most of the multiplicity of devices available.

All you'll need is an internet-connected device, and any web browser; and it won't matter which operating system is used: Windows, Apple iOS or Android. So if you're away on holiday, for example, you would still be able to deal with your e-mails in an internet café or hotel guest computer facility. Or you could use your own portable device and their wireless connection.

You will not have to worry about backing up your e-mails - they're online and not on your computer. And you could expand your address book to include all your contacts, not just those with e-mail addresses.

If you're currently using Outlook Express, Outlook or Thunderbird, we can integrate Gmail into them temporarily as a means of transferring to Gmail, any critical past e-mails currently stored in named folders in your current program. They can be transferred in one go, or you could transfer them piecemeal as and when required. This will help ensure that the transition from to Gmail is overlapping, and not a sudden break.

Important: Microsoft has withdrawn availability of both Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail, and no longer support them. This means that they are highly vulnerable to malware threats, and also could "break" at any time - and if they do, repair may not be possible and your e-mails may be unrecoverable.


  • We would normally reduce the fee above significantly if this service is bundled with another of our major services.

  • If it is necessary to transfer multiple accounts to Gmail, we may have to increase the fee depending upon the amount of additional work involved.

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