Virus & Spyware Disinfection

Virus & Spyware Disinfection Service

Fixed Fee: ₪700 (+₪50 Collection Charge, if applicable)

Simply by being on the internet and/or receiving e-mails, your computer is vulnerable to viruses and spyware. Even with the best belt-and-braces protection, some spyware is likely to be downloaded.

We would be able to diagnose the seriousness of the problem during our On-Site Diagnosis & Repairs visit, and in your presence we will demonstrate the symptoms in detail and thus form a judgement.

However if the problem is serious, it is highly likely that you will already have noticed either a severe slowing-down of your computer, or several mysterious and usually unpleasant pop-ups, or more often than not, both types of symptom.

The nature of modern spyware is such that if the infestation is very severe, it may be impossible to cleanse your system completely. Hence, if we feel that the disinfection process is not doing its job to our satisfaction, we'll stop and completely rebuild your system instead!

Naturally we'll preserve all your data, e-mails, settings and so on; and we'll also try our best to re-install your programs, devices, and other items. But your computer will be free of all nasties; and the fixed price above is all you'll pay whatever much time and effort it takes.

Normally we'll need your computer for a week; however if necessary we sometimes can let you have the use of a free loan computer (if available), which will at least give you access to the internet while we clean out your computer.

Collection Charge: If you deliver your computer to our address above, there will be no Collection Charge.

By the way: we have noticed that some competitors charge tiny amounts to "get rid of viruses". Any expert in this field will confirm that it really does take a lot of time and effort, as well as extensive  expertise and experience, to disinfect a system thoroughly. What's more, we'll ensure that your protection levels are appropriate for today's threats to help prevent a repeat.

We provide results up to the highest standards,
and not down to the lowest price!

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