Full Service

Full Service

Fixed Fee: ₪700 (+₪50 Collection Charge, if applicable)
Standard Repeat Fee: ₪550 (+₪50 Collection Charge, if applicable)

In motoring terms, our Full Service is the equivalent of a comprehensive 50,000 km service. Over time the Windows Operating System, along with your hard disk, will become degraded with a huge quantity of junk, inconsistencies, incompatibilities and orphaned items. This causes system performance and reliability issues and quite possibly, may make the system more vulnerable to failure (crashes); possibly catastrophically so!

The following is a brief summary of what is in fact, a very long process!

Stage 1 - Insurance: Your existing disk contents will be cloned on to one of our servers to ensure that all your data is preserved and to be able to recover the system if anything goes wrong.

Stage 2 - Deep Cleaning: We will also attempt to remove any minor viruses and spyware, unwanted cookies, and any other uninvited malware, using the latest detection techniques.

Stage 3 - Optimization: We will optimize Windows and other software settings for best performance. The latest software drivers will be installed for your hardware such as printers and scanners. Similarly the drivers for your particular system components will be upgraded; these will include drivers for your motherboard, graphics card, sound system and modem, as well as any appropriate UEFI/BIOS updates.

Stage 4 - Protection: All the latest updates and patches will be installed for Windows and for your existing protection software. If in our view this is inadequate, we will install additional software to help protect your computer. It is our policy to install the same internet protection on client computers as we do on our own personal computers, so that we will have first hand knowledge of any gremlins. Also we consider this protection adequate for our own on-line shopping and banking, so clients who do likewise should be reassured that they are as protected as we are.

Stage 5 - Other Options: Although the fee above is fixed, what we do is flexible; our goal is to provide you with the best possible outcome for your money, so we would often carry out many other relatively minor tasks at no extra cost. For instance it might be appropriate to increase system memory (RAM) or to upgrade other components; if so we will not charge any additional fee for fitting and installing such items.

Our Fees: These are stated above, the Standard Repeat Fee representing a ₪150 discount for the second and subsequent repeat services.

Logistics: All the processes above will be carried out at our workshop in Netanya (Agamim). The fee above includes return of the computer to your address by us after the event, and we normally spend up to an hour with you upon return to ensure that it all works properly; to explain what we've done; and to answer your questions. You should allow around a week between collection and return, and both dates will be agreed when you make the initial booking.

Collection Charge: If you deliver your computer to our address above, there will be no Collection Charge.

Warranty: This service includes a three-month warranty in respect of any problems that are obviously attributable to the work carried out.

Free Support by telephone, e-mail and remote assistance for three months following delivery is included in the price. This support is intended to cover minor problems with Windows or other mainstream programs, which can typically be resolved remotely within 10 minutes.

Loan Computer: If necessary and if available, we can sometimes supply a free loan computer to keep you going while yours is away. At the very least this will allow you to continue to enjoy access to the internet.

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