Data & Hard Disk Destruction

Data & Hard Disk Destruction

Fixed Fee: ₪150

It is essential that no computer hard disk simply be thrown away. All too often we have seen complete computer desktop systems or laptops piled up at the local council refuse centre. Hard disks almost invariably contain sufficient information about you and your family to pose a real threat in the wrong hands.

Don't be misled by the thought that you've used a password, or have never done any internet banking: the main threat is identity theft!

This service undertakes to destroy the data on your hard disk, and then the hard disk itself, beyond any possibility of recovery.

You will have to bring us the hard disk or your old computer, and we'll take it from there.

If you've agreed to our New Computer Setup & Transfer Service, then the data from your old hard disk will be forensically destroyed as a matter of course at no additional charge.

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