Computer Hardware Upgrades

Computer Hardware Upgrade Service

Fee: Fixed quote provided after free diagnosis.

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There are several components in desktop computers that can easily be upgraded, and this usually results in improved performance.

An increase in your computer's memory (RAM) will generally have immediate benefits, and often a new, faster and larger hard disk or SSD can also be worthwhile. Many other components in desktop computers can also be upgraded, such as graphics cards, optical drives and power supplies.

Laptops, too, usually allow for more memory, a larger hard disk or SSD, but not a lot else can be upgraded economically, if at all.

We'll obtain the most competitive price on the market for your upgraded component, but without compromising quality. And we make no profit on any item purchased on your behalf - our only revenue will be the fixed fee we will quote at the time. Hence we have no vested interest in this brand or that, or one supplier over another.

Important note: If we're also carrying out one of our major services at the same time, there will be no additional fee payable! You'll be charged just the cost of the component. So if we're carrying out a full service or a major disinfection, why not take the opportunity of asking for our advice on any valid upgrades at the same time? Just a thought.

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